At Sun Kiva Kennels, we offer the finest boarding for pets throughout Hawthorne, Gainesville, and the surrounding areas. Our facilities are climate-controlled and include 23 indoor/outdoor suites, 20 inside dens, and 6 large play yards. The owners live on the premises and we have a veterinary technician onsite. 

We are open 7 days a week for pickup/drop-off of pets, excluding certain holidays. We also offer pickup and delivery service for certain areas. In addition to boarding, we offer grooming and pet training. To tour our facilities, contact us and we’ll schedule an appointment.

Whether you are searching for a go-to doggie daycare or farm animal sitting, Sun Kiva is the place to call in Gainesville, FL.

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If you are going on vacation you will need to find a place for your dog or cat. We provide boarding services for cats, dogs and other pets. Cats and dogs are very different. It is best to keep cats separate from each other unless they are from the same household. Dogs and cats require plenty of time for exercise and play. However cats typically sleep more than dogs do. If you have any questions about our boarding facilities then don't hesitate to call.  Please take a look at our boarding rates below. 


Checkout Time: 12 Noon
No exceptions. Checkout after noon will incur another night charge. 

24 Lbs and under.: $15/night
25-69 Lbs.: $16/night
70+ Lbs.: $17/night
Special Needs: $20/night 
*Non-cancellation, no show: 1 night boarding plus cost of scheduled pickup/drop off fees 

After-Hours Pickup Fee: $20

Cats: $10/night
Small Pets: (birds, fish, rabbits, etc.) $8/night 

Pet Sitting Charges (per visit): $15 
Discounted rate for multiple visits.
HEALTH RECORDS: These must be provided and will be kept in your pet's permanent file. Have your vet fax these records to us at 352-481-2003.

FOOD: We are sympathetic to your pet's special dietary needs. So to avoid stomach issues, we require you to bring your pet's food and treats along during your pet's stay. But don't worry; if you forget your pet's food/treats, each may be purchased from the facility. There is no need to bring your pet's bowls.

TOYS, BLANKETS, ETC.: We allow you to bring your own, but keep in mind that your dog's neighbor may be a thief, and may be destructive. 

COLLAR AND LEASH: Please keep in mind that in an emergency evacuation condition, we can move your pet to safety as quickly as possible if we have his or her collar and leash.

GROOMING: Our professional grooming staff can pamper your pet so he/she can go home looking good and smelling clean. 

FLEAS AND TICKS: Any pet with fleas / ticks or evidence of either will immediately be given a Capstar pill and will then be bathed. He or she will also receive a treatment of Frontline or Advantix at the owner’s expense.

DOGS IN HEAT: There will be an extra of $2.00 per day.

HOLIDAYS, SEASONAL & INCLEMENT WEATHER: A minimum of 2-3 days required per reservation.

MEDICATIONS: Although we will gladly dispense medications to your pet at no charge, we do require owners to bring something to put the medication in to make it easier to take. Some favorites we have found pets like are canned dog food, cream cheese, lunch meats, etc. A charge of $2.00 per day will be incurred if we need to use our own. 
Your pet MUST be up-to-date on the following shots. You may either bring in the proof upon registering your pet’s stay or have the vet fax over the record BEFORE your pet’s stay. Every attempt will be made to call the vet and confirm the current vaccinations. 

If your pet is NOT up-to-date on the following shots, for your pet’s and the other staying guests’ safety, your pet will be taken to our vet on record for the needed shots. You will be responsible for the cost of the vaccinations, office visit and transportation fee. 

The required shots include Bordetella, Distemper/Parvo (DAPP, DHPP, DHLPP, DHL2PP) and Rabies for canines and Rabies and FVRCP for felines. 

**If your pet receives a three-year vaccine for either Rabies or Distemper/Parvo or FVRCP it must be stated on his or her records. If it is not stated, we will only consider it to be an annual vaccine. 

Thank you for understanding that all our pets’ health is of the utmost importance at Sun Kiva. 
Please contact us to learn more about our Pet Kennel:

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