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The primary goal of Sun Kiva Kennels is to provide a safe, clean, and most importantly, loving environment while your pet is vacationing with us. Your pets will receive snacks, music, and lots and lots of TLC! Your pet's visit to Sun Kiva will be fun and exciting - just like a vacation or going to camp! Feel free to call and make arrangements for a tour of our pet boarding facility. We also provide pet training services. It is important to make sure your dog is well behaved and ready for anything. If you are looking for a pet kennel near Gainesville, FL then look no further.
Pet Sitter Gainesville, FL


Sun Kiva Kennels is located about 30 minutes from Gainesville, FL in Hawthorne, FL. It is located on 12 acres of land. Sun Kiva Kennels has 75 boarding spaces. Our pet kennel has heating and air conditioning available. It is important to make sure that your pet is comfortable. We also have six extra-large play areas available for your pet. It is important that your pet gets the optimal amount of exercise during the day. Please contact our pet kennel to learn more. 


Sun Kiva Kennels is owned and operated by the Kuttler family. Together, Karl and Louise and their children, Christopher and Jessica, provide an enjoyable boarding experience for pets. 

Louise has long been involved with helping in kennel rescues and has dreamed of owning her own kennel all her life, which finally came true. She treats every pet as if he or she were a member of her own family. You will usually find one of the vacationers out in the office with Louise after hours while she is doing her paperwork. As a pet owner herself, she knows that to help pets stay happy and content, they need to have contact with family, as they do in their "real" homes.
Speaking of our pets, let’s introduce them. Philly is an 8-year-old lab mix who is the official Sun Kiva greeter. Digger is an 11 year old hound that found his way to us and adopted us when we moved to Sun Kiva. Rye is a 2-year-old special needs Rottweiler who was born at Sun Kiva.

Please call us to learn more about our Doggie Daycare.

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